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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Buddha - How to meet evil?

Once a  person came to Buddha and started abusing him. He went on and on, abuse after abuse in a loud voice. Expecting a response from Buddha he kept looking at him but Buddha was completely unperturbed. He maintained his usual calm, serene and smiling face.

This further agitated the person and he hurled more abuses. Again, Buddha was calm, serene, smiling and looking more peaceful than ever. Then this person stopped for a moment and asked Buddha, "I have been abusing you for so long but there is no reaction from your side. You remain in peace. How come?"

Now Buddha finally spoke "It is like if someone offers you a sweet, what would you do?". The man replied "Well I like sweets, so I would eat them and enjoy them."

Buddha continued "Okay, now if someone offered you something bitter, what would you do?". The man quickly replied, "Of course, I would not accept it. I would return it back to the one who has given it."

Buddha said, "So I choose not to accept your abuse, you may take them back". At this the man realized the wisdom and greatness of Buddha.
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